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Default Re: A Little bit of Theory

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post

And then I turned 21, and grunge took over. And suddenly, it wasn't about fun anymore.
And it wasn't a return to the social reflection of the 60's. It was all about self loathing. Cut your hair, stop standing out, and write songs about how much you hate yourself.
I thought it was pretty much a big bummer.
I was hoping you'd give some insights. Great post.

I did want to say something about the self-loathing aspect of alt rock. In the early 1980s, U2 were considered an up and coming alt rock band. They were influenced by all the right bands: The Velvets, The Ramones and The Clash. By Rattle and hum, they were porraia, and part of it was Bono's huge ego. In alt rock, you had to be self-loathing, you couldn't be boastful or prideful. Maybe it rebelled against 80s excess in that way.

From my perspective, I never hated corp rock, and I know you are a big Journey fan. Corp rock was the derogatory word alt rockers used for Arena rock. But those guys could sing and play their instruments. I don't want to go there .:p but living in the world, you have to adapt, which could be construed as selling out. Otherwise you can live in a commune or the desert. People eat pork even if you don't. It's somewhat immature to not want to adapt and be able to live in the world with others in a peaceful manner, to live with others who disagree with you. The question I always asked alt rockers is, "what if I don't agree with you?"

motojt yeah, I've thought about this sh*& a bit.

you may be right about breaking it down to genre. But as a question, couldn't modern rock and emo be said to deal with the notion of alienation? I don't know what rap is about anymore; a lot of it used to be about race. But even the notion of Getting rich or dying hard trying speaks to Marxist view of Capitalist alienation where the only thing that matters is material success. For young black men who had been denied that in racist America, that became an empowerment narrative.
I was checking my youtube and it said that this video was selected for me. How did they know? It's pretty scary. . .

Dee Snider at Congress . .

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