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@DD, sweet jesus, man...

@DED, Lady Gaga is more like Marilyn Manson with a side order of Madonna. Marilyn Manson was just the spawn of Alice Cooper and KISS. She's just the next wave of shock pop. Incidentally, my 2 year-old daughter loves Paparazzi. :p

I think this whole narrative thing needs to be broken down by genre. At least my views of it. I think hip hop and rap are almost completely about narcissism. Look at me, foo, I gots mad bitches rollin' on dubs! I'm not really sure what rock (in general) is about anymore. I listen mainly to QotSA and TCV. Their lyrics are all over the place. If you look at the way they produce, long jam sessions then plug in some lyrics afterward, they seem to be more about the music itself than the words or the message. They're pushing a mood, how does the music make you feel, the words are an afterthought that usually fits the mood of the music. I've tried listening to some emo stuff (which seems to be all the rage these days), but I find most of it annoying. Fall Out Boy, AFI, and 30 Seconds To Mars seem to be about self pitty. My life is so hard no one loves me. I tried to kill myself but I even screwed that up. If I become a different person will you love me?

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