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Default Re: Song lyrics and other cloaked references

The death of Paul thing, yeah, I read that it started in a magazine or news paper or something, and turned into an inside joke as the Beatles perpetuated it with "hints" throughout the years.

I'm sure everyone already knows that The Who's Pinball Wizard was about rebellion and cultural revolution. My brain's not quite working yet... that's all I can think of.

P.S: That thing about Abbey Road, I recently saw a docu where they said that was purely accidental. They had to walk across the street several times taking a bunch of pictures each time. So this one take Paul decided to take off his shoes because they hurt or something and it just so happened that they were all perfectly in step except the barefooted Paul. Something was just not quite right in most of them (blurs, pedestrians, lighting, etc). Since everything worked out with the barefoot shot, and they liked the striking imagery of the only barefooted person being out of step, that's the one they used. They even showed some of the pictures from the other takes. It kinda bummed me out because I always liked that myth. :)

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