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Default Re: Show Off Your Yamaha....SNARE DRUMS!

Originally Posted by Fishbones View Post
areFish, what do you think about that kabuto steel snare? i love the looks of it and ive always liked steel snares... and its only $200 at guitar centr. is it worth shelling out the cash and picking one up?
Hey there FB. I like the Kabuto, however I just picked up a Musashi Oak and I'm afraid the Kabuto might sit in a case for awhile. I found the Kabuto on eBay (not new, but new condition) for much less than retail price. I've seen new ones on eBay for 50% of retail. They have made a couple of minor changes to the drum. Looking at stock photos they now have nylon tuning rod washers and a centered badge.

I put Reverse Power Center / Hazy 300 heads on it as well as Puresound Custom 20 strand wires. It does sound good.
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