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Default Re: A Little bit of Theory

Great posts. Bob, put me down as another who's jealous of your drum solo experience - great attitude and approach!

The closest I came to that was playing at a party many years ago and the power cut out. We had a ton of drunken revellers desperate for music so I started playing some simplistic Afro rhythms on my toms (any excuse will do :) to there was something for people to dance to. The others in the band picked up the cowbell, maracas and tambourine. The partygoers were stomping along to the beat so hard that we had to tone it down because the host was worried that the balcony would collapse.

Totally agree with you re: Innagaddadavida too. Was it Ron Bushy drumming? He wasn't strutting his stuff but maintaining and developing the mood of the track. It's the difference between being a drummer and being a musician, which strikes me as what Ken was driving at with the Morello quote ... a top quote, especially good coming from someone with a quality single stroke roll ...

PS. Steel, you DO know what Steely Dan was in William Burroughs's Naked Lunch, don't you? :)
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