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Default Re: A new Australian national anthem.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Ha, it all went past me. I'm guessing that they don't to sing it all that often so it would seem churlish to deny them that rare, precious moment in the sun :)

I'm trying to think of a country that doesn't have a dubious history. Are there any??

Ironic that a country founded on crooks is now one of the most peaceful in the world. Being distant is a pain when we have to spend twice as much on our music gear as the Yanks so - and have less quality and range. But it's good when it comes to reducing the potential for neighbourly tension ...
Yeah.......success on the sporting field tends to remain elusive as a general rule. Really looking forward to the Ashes at the end of the year. Might be time to get cocky and start looking to our Pommy forum mates for a few friendly wagers.....I could do with some cold, hard Sterling at current exchange rates!!

Peaceful? It's a war out there Pol.....the streets of Melbourne are being overrun by 16 year old thugs with bottles and knives and gangster wannabe's armed to the teeth. The recent "drug wars" seem to have them breeding in droves. Shame....beautiful city but less and less safe at night. Definitely NOT the city I grew up in.

As for "neighbourly tension".....well, there's always the Kiwi's!! :-)
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