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Default Re: A new Australian national anthem.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
You really need "girt" in there somewhere too ... dead cool word.

Reminds me of the Billy Connelly routine:

(In thick Scottish accent)....."Girt by sea? You are girt by sea? What the f%$@ing hell is girt by sea??.....Have you EVER heard anyone say.....I'm sorry I was late for the meetin'.....but I was GIRT by traffic"


And for the record, I also remember Monday morning assembly in front of "Lizzie's" pic, singing god save OUR gracious Queen.

We really are a weird mob, Pol.....little wonder the Poms taunt us with "God save YOUR queen"...... or who could forget...... "You all live in a convict colony....a convict colony.....a convict colony"!!
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