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Default Re: A new Australian national anthem.

Yep, PFOG. When I was at school there were pictures of Queen Elizabeth in the classroom and we had to stand to attention when singing God Save the Queen. Haha, it seems like a lifetime ago!

I don't care about the national anthem since we usually only hear it before football games (even local ones!). Nor do I care about the flag. What does any of it mean if we increasingly adopt American values, customs and language?

Wy, as for the anthem ... it reminds us of what savage times we lived in not so long ago. But waaay too many words ... when people sing our current anthem it tends to go like this:
Orstrayans let us all rejoice
For we are young and free
From da da dum da golden soil
Da da da girt by sea.

La da dada
Da da dada
Our beauty rich and rare
La da dada da da dada
Advance Orstraya Fair!
You really need "girt" in there somewhere too ... dead cool word.
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