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Default Re: A Little bit of Theory

Originally Posted by jon e rotten View Post
I'm curious what you guys think when you see a musically crummy band that puts on a big show? I get rather annoyed. Kind of a 'learn to play first...then jump around' mentality, but then maybe I'm just getting old and bitter and should move to South Africa.

My only problem with stick tricks etc, is that they are so often used by guys (especially younger guys here in Oz), to mask the fact that they can't play. I've seen too many new bands with drummers twirling away, guitarists bent over backwards til their head hits the floor, bass players climbing all over FOH speakers, lead singers stage diving etc etc......and their playing is absolutely dreadful. So I wholeheartedly support your "learn to play first...then jump around" theory.

Me, I'd rather be dazzled by brilliance (or perhaps even competance)......than baffled by BS.

Then again, maybe I'm just getting older and grumpier too.....better book two seats on that flight, Jon.
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