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Default Re: Is Pollyanna a girl?

Nice impression, Larry. Our singer usually drops that one at gigs ... there's always this delay and then someone will go haha and everyone looks around at the person who picked it up, followed by a trickle of hahas. It doesn't exactly bring the house down but the reaction amuses Glenn :)

PFOG, I'm with you. Even I read more than I write!

The classic threads for talking and not listening are the "Who are your five favourite Latin and western drummers?".

Each person pipes up with a bunch of unfamiliar names - no reasoning, description, genre ... just names. No one's going to check YouTube for thirty unknown drummers named who may be playing music you can't relate to. So each is a voice in the wilderness - like a vote in a federal election, a personal web page or a message in a bottle - with a vague hope that someone might relate.
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