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Default Re: High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

The idea of a HH stand behind the snare intrigues me. Since I don't have a remote to play with can you tell me the plus's and any drawbacks of having your HH there?
Does it take getting used to?

You can give it a shot, put your closed legged stand in front of your snare, you won't be able to foot it, but you'll get the feeling of the hands/arms.

I played the hats at 12 O:Clock for about 6 months, then gave it up.

Its a boxing motion, whereas the 9-10:00 position is a left to right swing, much easier to flow with. Boxing throws force you to move your upper arms, while side to side motions can be pulled-off just by twisting your wrists, or by moving your forearms without extending your (heavy) upper arms. Most of your playing time is between the HH and the snare usually.

I realized 99% of the time its a shorter distance my arms had to travel with the hat at the 9-10:00 position as your hands can stay pretty much on the same horizontal plane, crossing sticks is not a problem for me.

Another drag is the 12:00 HH position cuts your kit in half If you set up like Bruford. You need to get over the HH to get to either side, you have to shift your horizontal plane, descending tom rolls are next to impossible.
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