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Default Re: Is Pollyanna a girl?

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Well said Larry.

And if nothing else, Polly makes better jokes than nearly everyone else on this board put together.
Cheers DED. Two cannibals are eating a clown ... one of them says, "Does this taste funny to you?" ... I also make some of the worst jokes found here :)

Just a thought about responsiveness, what Larry was saying. I'd guess that about 2/3rds of members ignore much of what others say and just throw in their two cents' worth.

It's weird ... while there are some highly tuned-in guys here but I also see threads where members seem closed off in their little bubbles, repeating what's been said earlier ... and without even acknowledging those who originally said it.

When responses do come, too often key issues are ignored in order to nitpick some stupid, peripheral rubbish. If someone flames or says something controversial, suddenly there's mass engagement.

I'd like to see more female involvement here, but it won't happen. We tend to leave the floor to guys if we're outnumbered. I'm atypical because I inherited my mother's craziness.

PS. Bob, last time I looked I was still a woman ... but I can't be sure because I avoid mirrors these days. Not sure what horrors await next time I dare look!
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