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Default Re: High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

Originally Posted by Spiney View Post
The idea of a HH stand behind the snare intrigues me. Since I don't have a remote to play with can you tell me the plus's and any drawbacks of having your HH there?
Check out Bill Brufords later drum kits here. He was the master drummer that planted the seed of drum set symmetry. With the hat behind the snare, you're always playing open handed. My ride cymbal, just to the right of the hats. Same thing. I'm running a 5 piece 26, 13, 16, 18, snare. No rack tom. My 13 is just right of my right leg, the 16 floor, right next door. No more 3 foot gap between the 13 and the 16. More like 1 inch. My 18" floor tom just left of my left leg.
Originally Posted by Spiney View Post
Does it take getting used to?
I've had quite a few cats sit behind my kit and basically take to it like a fish takes to water.
Originally Posted by Spiney View Post
As I read these boards and look at videos I'm all about efficiency. Having had 4 back surgeries the more efficient I can be in my movements around the kit the better for pain and stamina.
I have a bad hip, two bad knees, and a bad ankle. On good days, I walk with a cane. On bad days, I don't walk. (no, not so much). I just stay home and play the drums. I can sympathize.
Originally Posted by Spiney View Post
BTW for me the most efficient kit I ever played was a Drumkat. A whole kit in about 2 sq Feet.
I've played those before, yes, indeed. Personally, I own a Roland SPD-S. 13.5x11.5 inches.
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