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Default Re: High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

Originally Posted by Biscuit View Post
Honestly i'm not that picky when it comes to hat stands. I'm currently useing a PDP stand and it does the job just fine without all the different cams, etc.... As long as the top hat moves when i raise my foot off the pedal that's all i'm concerned with.

My vote goes for...Gimmick.
Nor have I been Biscuit, in fact I'm still playing an old Export series stand from circa's now time for a change though and when I went to check them out I was totally amazed at the engineering that goes into some of the current high end models.......hence this thread.

Originally Posted by Crazy8s View Post
and the transition from BD pedal to hihat pedal is effortless and comfortable
This is one point that has seemed to come up on a few occasions. I think it pretty much helps explain the need for footboard angle adjustment. I'm still yet to see anyone explain why the red cam is better on a hat stand than the blue...or why a rolling glide or pulley system should render the old style direct pull obsolete.

Interesting stuff.

Thanks for chiming in men.
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