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Default Re: A Little bit of Theory

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
That's what the song "Come Sail Away" was about, Sailing across the Styx River with Charon.
I remember LMAO back when that report came out. It actually made the network news!
Not Just FOX! Real Network News!

I remember seeing Dee Snider from Twisted Sister on one of those docs. He was saying that one of his songs that it was about getting an operation, I think the name was "Going Under the Blade," and they said it was about Sado-masochism. He told the committee that he couldn't help it if Tipper Gore had a dirty mind. He lives right near me, and I see him now and again. He is another one who when you see him on stage he can scare the daylights out of you; but up close he's one of the nicest guys.

Yeah, I mean Styx, where's the white bread and corn. When I first saw them they were a fright though, with all the hair, and they were dressed in space suits like everyone did: Bowie, Reed, P Funk, EWF, Sun Ra. They were five Ziggys. But that was the first time I had seen it, and the androgyny thing was so weird. It freaked me out. But then they sang Lady, which I liked, and I thought these guys are good. Up until then, I listened to a lot of BTO, The Eagles, Skynyrd, and Doobie Bros. Floyd, Zep, Aerosmith and The Stones, were about as outlandish as I got. You know, man's music. I think Styx was one of the earliest bands to be able to bridge the gap between arena rock and pop, the way Queen did big time, and opened the door for Journey, Kansas and Rainbow to make a lot of money.

The bottom line is that when people talk about showmanship, the1970s really had it. Metal had in in the '80s. But that was the thing Grunge lacked, and that is the thing music is often lacking today, esp in the alt rock genre.

I used to go see Twisted Sister in the clubs because I dated a girl who was the head of their fan club. They really knew how to put on a show. Everybody had to get into it or risk getting their butt kicked. I guess it is hard to shock people these days, the way a lot of that music did, esp punk, and it may be hard for people in retrospect to see how it did that. You can take the Yukio Mishima route. Wait! No, Cobain already did that.
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