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Default Gene Simmons..oh dear

From an interview with Terry Gross:

Are you interested in music or is the goal in a rock band to have sex a lot?

I believe, in my heart, that anyone who gets up there and says what they're doing is art, is on crack and is delusional. In point of fact what they really, their modus operandi, initially, perhaps it changed when they start to question their sexuality, but clearly initially, it was to get laid. And make lots of money. Anybody who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

I will grant you, there are those people who really love music and simply wanna do it as a private pleasure. The jury is out, I have no comment. But as soon as you get up publicly and want other people to hear it, it seems odd that we get off on the notion that the opposite sex, the fairer sex, like what we do. And perhaps, if we do it really well, you'll think "gee, he's not just really talented and really bright...but he's kinda cute." That's what we're hoping for.
I'm gonna leave this open for discussion..
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