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Default Re: A Little bit of Theory

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Did you know that Styx's music had Satanical messages in it?
I didn't Bob...but now that I do, that's just the sort of thing that will prompt me to buy an album.

Coldie (fwiw that's what we call beer in Coldhardsteel just takes waaaay too long to type, so i hope it's preferable to CHS),

1. We don't choose our nicknames, they are chosen for us. If we did, I wouldn't have a good mate called MARILYN!! :-)
2. Back on topic, I've always loved the fact that I could skulk around at the back of the stage and leave the others to their general front-of-house wankery. I can still entertain without stage dives and leaping off tall speaker cabinets in a single bound. I don't feel limited nor do I feel out of the action.

Seated back there hidden by a cymbal or two..........I'm right where I wanna be.
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