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Default A Little bit of Theory

I think I have too much theory.

Have you ever come across a drummer that feels unappreciated by his band members how play smaller instruments or the singer that doesn't lug anything around? Or that they're practically ignored on-stage?

Well, here's my beef:

The psychology of a good show(let's say a heavy modern rock show) is that the audience doesn't feel alienated by the band. They want to have fun, which is getting involved in a way. This can be achieved the best by people they can see the faces of, or by those who move to the music, do crazy sh*t, all that jazz.

As drummers, we're kind of limited in terms of movement a little, but we can still act crazy. I mean, c'mon, we're the guy hitting stuff.

But, there is an important factor that many fellow metal drummers fail to understand. They neglect the "face-time" that they need to get with the crowd. Kind of hard to do that with a china completely blocking out your face.

Thoughts, brethren?
"At the end of the day you just draw pretty pictures on a field and play some rimp ska dimps."
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