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Default Re: High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Ok all......I'm gonna bump this once, and once only...then I'll let it die a slow and withering death.

..... Harry? .....your thoughts.
Geez, I'm honored someone wants to hear from me. thanx.
I currently own 4 hi-hat stand/unit/things. Yeah, down to 4.
If I want a traditional 3 legged stand, I have a Yamaha (Steve Gadd era) single braced stand. What would be the 700 series, now. Works flawlessly. No bells, no whistles. Simple.
Though I never use it anymore, I have a Tama legless (80's vintage). Back it the day of the twin-kicks, this hi-hat stand ruled supreme. I probably should sell it.
My main hi-hat (stand?) now is my Yamaha remote cable. This one, another keeper, for sure. It gets into places that normal stands can't. Like behind my snare (12 'o clock).
Lastly, I have an Aux. hi-hat thingy. From back in the day when I ran two sets of hats. No open/close. It simply is. I probably should sell it too.
And yes, to some degree, the manufactures market features I think are unnessary. Just like cars, and motorcycles, stereo's, etc. But they need to sell gear, and to stay in competition with everyone else, they need to play the game. And if the game means "infinite adjustability", so be it.
For me, it's all about "how does it feel". If it feels good......then I take it home.
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