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Originally Posted by Teddy View Post
I already bought my tickets. His lyrics are incredible, i would almost call him a poet, he is almost at Bob Dylan's level. And a beautiful bass player. If i ever pick on of those things up i will want to learn some of his stuff.
I agree. If was stranded on a desert island with only 10 albums, I'd take 10 copies of The Wall. Epic work of genius, there, and no doubt Roger Waters was the primary driver for that effort.

Thing is, at least for me, is that he hasn't done anything so epic or meaningful since then, and seems to be resting on that amazing period of hyper-creativity. Because he had the benefit of the rest of the band then, especially David Gilmore, it seems fitting to me that if he wants to reproduce The Wall, he should get the band back together to do that. It's feels just a little bit hollow for him to strike out on his own to reproduce that particular piece of work with any authenticity or credibility.
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