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Default Re: Do your pets like your drumming?

Originally Posted by ChipJohns View Post
Awful Story.

I was about 18 years old (back in 1979/80) and some friends came over to jam in my (parents) basement. I had just graduated and still lived at home.

No one was home but me and the guys. My sister, who was about 12 at the time, had a hamster. I hadn't notice but the singer/guitarist set up his Twin Reverb right next to the hamster's cage which was sitting on the floor.

Poor little thing. After everyone left my sister noticed he was laying there shaking. We picked him up and just held him that evening. he was dead by the end of the night.

I felt so bad...
Dude I feel ya. Back when I had guinea pigs, one of my friends put the little guy in my bass drum and started pounding on it. I had to throw a drumstick at him to get him to stop;on my part that was a bad move because he is a pitcher for his baseball team and threw one right back. After that, my guinea pig never knew when I was coming in the room because he went def.
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