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Default Re: Our lives are so hard!

Originally Posted by drummer-ish View Post
Adults too!


I've heard dentists say it used to be a decently common cause of death before endodontics, but don't know much abt it (besides scaring the crap out of me)
Good grief! Glad I went to the doctor, but fortunately didn't need antibiotics. Our lives are more tenuous than we know ...

Originally Posted by MikeM
That's a great clip! I'm always amazed when I fly too. I flew to NY last week and couldn't believe all the people who were closing the windows, and I'm thinking, "How often do you get to see the planet from 5 miles up?"

People spend a lot for houses/apartments/condos with views and here's the BEST view of the world in the world and people are closing the windows!
Couldn't agree more. It makes sense if the person's afraid, but for me it's always a buzz!

Originally Posted by Jeremy Bender
I can only imagine how bad life must have been back in my Grandfather's day.

I look at old black and white photos of him and I think how dull the world must have been without color.
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