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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Mister Zero--

I never have clinics planned. They come up, as a dealer will invite me. That's how it works basically. No one is Buffalo has requested me! So therefore, none are planned. But I've done two clinics in Toronto and about 7 different shows (between Styx and Gowan) in Niagara Falls in the last year. Hope you catch something soon.


Thanks, man. It was hot that night! Yeah, it's hard to play more than 80 minutes when there are three bands on the bill. This run goes through July 5th but we will be out on our own through November. Thanks for coming and checking us out.


I used the same 14X4 drum in '96 &'97. I have two of their snares, a 6 ply and a 10 ply 14X5.5. Any kit I had I sold when I went to Pearl. The hardware was never the same after Ray Ayotte was ousted from his company, and as soon as I went with them, that happened. I knew my stay would be brief. If you can find "Ray era" drums, they are great. I haven't played them in a long time.....maybe I should revisit those.


See you then!

Cheers, you guys-
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