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Default Re: Buying and Selling . .

Name and shame ?. . . Please do.

I have even had trouble with Ebay. I sold a guitar and the guy paid too much for it. But he had to have it and bought it through BIN. Then when he got he, he e mailed me that it was damaged in shipping. His friend could fix it for 75 bucks. I said send me the bill and I'll repay you. I never heard from him again. it wasn't an unfair price, It's just that with a little shopping he could have gotten it for about a hundred dollars less. But that is what BIN is for. A no hassle end of sale. .This guy the other day calls at home to tell me the item is damaged and then calls to ask me when I am gong to ship it. I think he wanted to scam UPS. I called him on it and didn't hear from him again.

There is always two sides to every story. Beauty is the sales that goes by without a hitch. Smooth, and I never want to talk to the guy, esp not on my home phone. We always hear about some guy who sold a $1200 drum for $200. But what about the guy who actually pays what the item is worth, or the seller who actually gets what he deserves. Is that such a sin? lol
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