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Default Re: Buying and Selling . .

I buy and sell stuff fairly regularly. I call it "catch and release". I like to play around with drums and cymbals and then sell them to students or put them back on craigslist when I'm done. It's like renting, but often times I'll make a small profit. I get to check things out first-hand this way, and not just at a music store. I've taken many great-sounding cymbals out on gigs, only to find out that they don't cut/project/blend/sound good after all.

What I see a LOT of lately is people buying things just to flip them. I've sold several snares/cymbals/kits, only to see them reappear on craigslist the next day, with a higher price. There are a few people who I've sold stuff to regularly that do this, and I make a game of it: "How much will they sell this for when they re-list it tonight?" These are also the same people that will try to low-ball you to no end to maximize their profit. I don't let 'em...I know what the stuff is worth on the used market, and I buy low and sell low (unless it's something that's harder to come by that I actually will want to keep). The main problem for them is that they try to sell things for what the used market value was 5 years ago or so, but things just don't sell for as much as they used to.
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