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Default Buying and Selling . .

Every time I sell something on Craig's List, it comes with a story. The other day I sold something and the guy gets back to me with a complaint 1 hour before the item arrived at his house. Said it didn't work, and then phones me to say he didn't get it.

Now someone sent me a link to play a video from Flv video and the software had a trojan. I sent her back an e mail F%^& Y*&^!!!! I really knew better. It always sounds too good to be true. How much do you want for that snare drum? 5,000 bucks!! Okay, I'll be over in an hour with a money order. I really want it today. I've sold a couple of things on CL and got a couple of gigs. But they are like diamonds in a saw mill.

It's a scammer's world.

My mom wants to get on the internet and I won't let her. They got a letter a few weeks back stating that they won $1,000,000 but have to pay the tax bill before they'll get the check, and those people have been hounding and calling them for that tax bill. They notified the DA's office. It will be a sorry day for them if they come face to face with me.
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