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Default Re: Is Pollyanna a girl?

Andy, I've put in my request to join Primeval Tub Thumpers. Apparently it's a moderated group that requires approval to join. Hope I make the cut ...

Kim and Roberta - thank goodness there's a bit more oestrogen here ... wait no, Roberta joined the Dark Side! Migaluch, you are a wicked, wicked human being but I guess things have been a bit boring around here of late so it makes sense :)

Ian, I'm pleased to report that I am not Margaret Thatcher. I am a woman of speil, not steel ... I can actually be shot, reooted and electrocuted. Just that these days no one wants to do these things to me. Sadly, the days of being wolf whistled are over for me (after all, adulation from mindless clowns is still adulation!)

Mind Drummer, thank you for the psychoanalysis. However, my unadorned flesh (ie. cellulite) shall remain a mystery to DW members ... because I am kind ...

In the end, I do not consider myself a woman, girl or axolotl ... I am an artiste! hahaha
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