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Default Re: Is Pollyanna a girl?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Well we've established that Pol is most definitely a female. And what a female!

Next we need to find out if hmmm who should I pick on....
Next we need to find out if Bob isn't an IRS agent sent here to pose as an extremely handsome and likeable guy who is surrepticiously gathering tax evasion info on our members here for use by government agencies to drain even more lifeblood from our bank accounts.
My cover is BLOWN!
Now I have to find another job!
By the way, I had a sex change operation back in the early nineties.
I used to be Roberta Da Druma!
I used to look like this, After my sex change I began to set up as a righty. I did a full 180 degree turn around!
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I kind of like old drums:)

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