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Default Re: Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

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crazy8s, at the risk of sounding retarded. which of those axis pedals is the hi hat pedal im really confused i want to say the right on is but the left of the 2 has a different footboard slightly and a linkage towards the stand
Hi Mr Bling!

My Axis double pedal has a longboard on the left side and a normal foot board on the right. I played a DW 5000 dbl pedal for a lot of years and my right foot was very 'in tune' with that type of shorter footboard. I had some difficulty at first getting the power I need out of the longboard with my right foot so I switched the longboard out to the normal board. My left foot adapted to the longboard much more easily for the BD pedal, but for the hihat the longboard didn't feel just right either so I have a short footboard on it too. My right foot has adjusted since then and I might put a longboard on it too as the longboards do have some definite advantages.

The hat pedal is to the right of the slave pedal so that I can hold my hats closed with my heel while I play the left kick. It also allows me to heel-toe the hats and bd alternating or together at the same time. It makes for some very easy free ostinatos and conserves a ton of energy while playing. It also frees up a hand so it can do other things.


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