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Default Re: What do you drink?

I used to like a local beer, Jelen pivo, but its quality has gone way down in the last several months (as has the quality of all the other major local beers), so I tend to avoid beer nowadays. Since I'm not a fan of any of the imported beers either even if I could afford them (such as Amstel, Heineken, Beck's, Efes; not a huge choice by any means), my light drink of choice currently is spritzer made from cheap white wine and carbonated water - quite refreshing and better tasting than any of the beers available. A beer I would prefer to anything else I've had a chance to try is Platan from the Czech Republic, but sadly it's not available for purchase locally.

As far as harder liquor goes, I'm partial to a good home-distilled rakija, preferably the plum variety (also known as slivovitz).
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