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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

After reading some of the first posts on this thread, i have to ask about the tin can method again. Whether it's been asked or not, i'm going to ask anyway.

How exactly are you meant to cut the head with the heated can. The initial processes are easy enough to grasp but do you gently press the heated can onto the head and then gradually press down? Do you just find out where you want the hole and just push it straight down? Do you put the can on the head, wait a few seconds for it to melt a bit then push it down?

I've wanted a ported reso for a while and then eventually get together some cash for a Kick Port but until i find out how to actually get a hole in the reso head, i can't do any of that. And there are no doubt many other methods to do this as well so i'm not spending money on a new reso unless i somehow get a lot of money sometime soon. There's no point in my eyes.

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