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Default Re: Is Pollyanna a girl?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
lol ... aha, you found me out ... I'm actually Arnold Schwartzenegger! Migaluch, it that you? Lady Gaga??? Haha good one, Gaga, you almost had me fooled!

So what prompted this silliness? I've posted photos and videos here. I mean, ok, I'm not a supermodel but I didn't think I was THAT plain ... I'm pals in real life with a member here (Wy Yung). We had a little percussion jam on Monday - him on frame drum and me on bongos.

PS. I call myself Pollyanna here to reflect my sunny, slightly-spaced out view of life :)

PPS. Andy, you have to admit that Primeval Tub Thumper is a dead cool name ...

PPPS. Actually, I'm not a girl - I'm a woman. You're about 35 years late ...

PPPPS. If this is an attempt to get me to post a nude pic, Migaluch ... nice try, buddy :-P
I simply posted this to observe whatever awesome posts would follow, which certainty happened! Actually Ahnold, you have it wrong. I'm Kim Jong-il, Lady Gagas in my basement hahaha!!!!

REPLY TO PS: Yeah Migaluch is supposed to be some Italian slang for Michael... i dunno it sounds cool tho and its unique.

REPLY TO PPS: I second that!

REPLY TO PPPS: Wouldn't you be the one who's late? I'm tha young one!

REPLY TO PPPPS: lolwut?? Kim Jong-il already has Lady Gaga AND Gemma Arterton in his basement! No need for Pollyanna! NUKE THE WHALES!

This is a really contradictory post! Contradictions FTW!
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