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Any pictures of those good times?

Originally Posted by thebard View Post
A story about the man himself :

Many years ago, around 1970 ish, a fellow drummer friend of mine decided to do a marathon drum playing session for charity. There was only him and his helpers. It was set up in a room at Stourbridge Cricket Club ( West Midlands UK ) and was expected to last a few days. He used his kit and borrowed mine as well so as to have plenty of variety.

One of our close friends was Martin Lickert who at the time was chauffeur to Ringo Star. Martin arranged to bring John Bonham to visit us during the event to give support.

He duly came and stayed a couple of hours, firstly talking drums then sat behind our improvised double kit and while my friend just played the ride to keep his marathon going, John treated us to his hands only section of Moby Dick, answered questions and showed us anything we wanted to know.

I stood right behind his right shoulder while he played my kit talking to him as he played. Later we sat and had a pint, just one !

He talked drummer to drummer, a real nice, down to earth man, and I was very privileged that day, although I didnít really know it at the time. All I have left of that kit is a cymbal and somewhere a press cutting of the event.

People knock him sometimes and say he wasnít a nice person. I met him and he was just one of the lads, a genuine guy who was quite willing to come and support us mortals, to play and talk drums.
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