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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
Well, the pic on the cover of the New York Post suggests otherwise; the US were more than a little excited, anyone would've thought they'd scored on their own merit, rather than by a horrendous England mistake ;)

I'm hoping the standard picks up, so far the quality of the matches has been crap.
After the game celebrations are different. Half the crowd isn't even watching that. And since the American manager didn't get a Gatorade bath, the celebration was obviously subdued. And although I don't at all agree with Tommy's approach here, he's right about one thing. The minute our team starts sucking, it will be as if soccer never existed. Yeah, it's wierd that we're not in this like the rest of the world. But it is what it is. Still I'm always going to keep an eye on it, and try to understand.

Re: celebrations: I'm talking about those awkward after goal ballet dances.

And not wanting to cause a ruckus but maybe the English should move on from this if only but stuff. I even saw a group trying to blame the goofy goal on the ball itself. Hmmmm.

An American guy wasn't the goalie, the English guy was. Mistakes are part of the outcome, good or bad. If you blame anyone you blame the manager who appoints an obviously terrified guy goalie when he had a true vet waiting in the wings. That manager wasn't an American either.

Props to Green showing so much class about all of that. The Americans I know have all said that they won't pull for England but will wish the best for Green/within reason.
I endorse Zildjian sticks because I like them.

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