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But, But, But. Since England is the only team to qualify out of the four British teams, it means that Britain is represented, so in saying we are playing the Brits is not totally wrong. We aren't playing the British Isles, but we are playing the team that represents Britain or is from Britain.
Yes Mr, Williams, 5.00 sterling will be going to the Marie Curie trust, a service that looks after teminally ill Cancer suffers last days in there own homes. Rasied 445.00 pounds for them recently by swimming 4KM in 1 hour 30Mins.

Anyway back to it. Now i dare you to go into any pub in Scotland or Wales and make that remark that you quoted, i would garrentee, you would not come out as you went in. And seriusly, i am not joking when i say that, feelings really do run that high. between the british nations.

Its like me saying, i went to Cananda, that is in North Amercia, so all Yanks must be like them Canadians, Well you are ar'nt you, all the same, you all sound the same, drive the same cars, play the same spots, HELL all americans must have orginated from Canada.

Anyways, someone said why do we get all excited and of our trollys from scoring one goal, Well its like Christmas, if you had Christmas every month, you would soon loose the euthisiasium for it, but coming only once a year you get excited as it comes around. So when you score your only goal in 90 miniutes, all that excitmet comes out in one go, and its christmas all over again, now times that by 40,000 surporrters in the ground and that is alot of tostesterrome flowing around.

Ever seen the film Braveheart, well in the last 400 years not much has changed.

The Scots, would rather surpport their worst enermy rather than surpport England, same is said for the Welsh as well.

"We are British, by nation, but English by the grace of God".
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