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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Just want to do the America thing for a brief second, while I hope everyone understands that I really am getting into this world cup deal. It IS very entertaining and never had any idea how much went into it.

But I now understand why the NFL has banned end zone celebrations.

Everybody in this sport who scores a goal dances around in an absurdly uncool preening fashion, while entire teams cry for a single score as if every one of their wives just had a baby.

US scores against England. They sort of look at each like OK cool while coach pumps one fist in the air one time. Within 10 seconds everyone is back to business.

These strikers especially moan and complain as if they're hurt after every minor inadvertent trip.

On the other hand, American goalie is flagrantly stabbed in the chest by a set of spikes. People try to get him off the field. He replies by growling like a caged animal, puts on 5 minutes of the mean face- and suddenly he's good to go.

Americans appreciate this, meaning I will now officially try to learn enough about this sport to intelligently pull for these guys.
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