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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

I had no real hopes for this WC after we just escaped against New Zealand and were easily beaten by the US in the leadup. There's still a major gulf between the football powers and Asia. Glad I didn't rise at 4am in 4 degree cold to see 4 German goals. Had a nice sleep instead ...

Ian, my mistaken comment about Guus Hiddink being our coach must have been nostalgia. Sack Pim Verbeek! Off with his head! Burn him at the stake! Send him to Nauru!

PS. Thard, those Teutonic schnitzel-munchers are pretty good, eh? Actually, being of mostly Euro heritage myself, I ate my share of schnitzel and goulash when I was young :)

The Germans are way ahead of us in solar power development too, even though 2/3rds of their days are covered by cloud while we probably have the brightest sunshine on the planet. Plenty of nations are miles ahead of us in many ways. It should help to be another reality check for us here in Oz as we happily thump our chests while dominating our little fantasy world of limited sports like cricket and various forms of hand/football ... we make our money as the world's quarry with the most embarrassingly juvenile public discourse. A little humility and appreciation of the achievements of other nations would be a good thing ...
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