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Hello everyone, thanks for all the ongoing support. I just wanted to take a minute and reply to some of the specific questions posted here.

Sorry if 've been slow to respond, I've been working a lot lately but am trying to get caught up.

From Bosphorus... On the song " Stanton hits the bottle", how did you come up with the whole bottle idea?? Because they are obviously of a certain tone, you did'nt just pick up random bottles from the night before!...or did you?

I came up with the groove by first mis-interpreting then "Garibaldi-zing" Zigaboo's groove to Cissy Strut. I explain how I developed this in detail in Groove Alchemy. I then split the hands up on two empty vodka bottles and one beer bottle. I had one engineer hold the two vodka bottles over my rack tom while another engineer held the beer bottle to the left of my hi hat. We found the bottles that day.

From RodneyZepa...In your opinion, The Gretsch Renown (2008) Kits 22x20 12x18 16x16 6.5x14...Is this considered a Pro or Sem-Pro Kit.?.
Is their Bosphorous that would add to my sound...I'd prerfer 15" Hats 21" Ride and 20" Crash..Any help or advise would be appreciated...

The Renown kit is a great kit. It is pro level at a more affordable price. I play them often at festivals and in clinic.
I would suggest going somewhere to hear some Bosphorus cymbals, or you could invite buddies over to bring their cymbals as well. I've learned a lot by having many cymbal "hangs" and listening to and comparing cymbals with my drummer buddies.
I will be introducing 15" hats to my signature line soon as I've been using some custom 15's my self. I'm confident you will dig Boshporus once you give them a good listen.

From Latin Groover... Stanton or anyone else, I was wondering what crash you are using on your right side that you use in the first half of this video?

That is a proto type to my signature pang thang.

Thanks for the ongoing support. Keep the questions coming. you can also visit my forum at as well. sm
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