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Only friendly banter from me too (wink). Ok, you got me. I don't really like ball games (down Polly!). I am patriotic, but only to the point of realism. As someone who's travelled very extensively over many years, I've learned to see both the good & bad in most countries. I came to the conclusion years ago that there's no such thing as a better country, just whether it suits you or not. Also, never judge a people by the actions of their government. Sorry, got a bit serious there for a moment, but misguided patriotism is something I see as regularly getting in the way of the progress of human kind. Patriotism galvanised with a sporting event as the catylist is cool with me.

Come on England! even if you are mostly crap.

Much more wholesome, & especially as this competition is taking away gigging opportunities; Drumming vs. World Cup?
Thanks, Keep it Simple, (Smiley Face), its nice to have the thought of being patriotic, seems as thou you are called a racist in this country if you dare fly your national flag.

The local shop down the high street said the local council will only let him fly his flags on sporting events outside his shop, due to it may upset the ethnic community, and they wonder why the BMP are gaining ever more votes, i say live and let live, so long as they dont try to stop me living.

But Yes, In your words, COME ON ENGLAND.
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