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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Originally Posted by sufc.loyal View Post
come on try to be a bit more patriateic about your country. I fly the St George Cross on a flag pole outside my house 365 days of the year.

Typical comments from a non football fan thou.
But dont take it to hart.. just a bit of friendly banter.
Only friendly banter from me too (wink). Ok, you got me. I don't really like ball games (down Polly!). I am patriotic, but only to the point of realism. As someone who's travelled very extensively over many years, I've learned to see both the good & bad in most countries. I came to the conclusion years ago that there's no such thing as a better country, just whether it suits you or not. Also, never judge a people by the actions of their government. Sorry, got a bit serious there for a moment, but misguided patriotism is something I see as regularly getting in the way of the progress of human kind. Patriotism galvanised with a sporting event as the catylist is cool with me.

Come on England! even if you are mostly crap.

Much more wholesome, & especially as this competition is taking away gigging opportunities; Drumming vs. World Cup?
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