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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

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Does anyone else find the crowd blowing those horrible vuvuzelas that make a buzzing noise like a swarm of blowflies incredibly annoying?

It's nearly as bad as having a PA feeding back!
It is driving me bonkers, i hate them bloody horns with a passion.

The crowd can act as a 12th man on the pitch, if you have a hostile vocal surpport it can make a differance to the outcome of the game.

You then have the banter of say the USA surpport trying to out sing the English surpport (Not a hope in hell of that), it all adds the the atmosphere, and some of the chanting is actulally quite funny and whitty, But with them bloody horns, you can hear nothing, except bloody horns, imagine some little kid sitting behind you blowwing that bloody horn in your ear for 90 Minuites, i think that after 20 mins, i would have shoved it up some ones arse by then.

With the England games, within a short time, the only time you will hear them horns blow, is when someone farts.
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