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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

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I usually have very little interest in football (soccer), but I was socially forced to watch the game last night (no gigs getting booked by the bar/club owners, otherwise I would have been playing drums.). Nothing "mighty" about the England team. I thought I was watching crown green bowling.

Anyhow, the world cup stinks, as do most global sporting events. They reduce the number of gig opportunities. How can drummers possibly support that. (flaming awaited)
We are in the last 32 countrys in the world to get into the world cup, we will be in the last 8 countries, that makes us good enough, and come on try to be a bit more patriateic about your country. I fly the St George Cross on a flag pole outside my house 365 days of the year.

Typical comments from a non football fan thou. Obviously you watch a lot more crown green bowling than you do football, LOL LOL LOL..

But dont take it to hart.. just a bit of friendly banter.

I love my drums and love my football, always, always will wear my football shirt, when i gig, if anything it gets the banter going with the West Ham, Tottenham, Chelsea surporters in the crowd.
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