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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Well, I'm part of the family now XD... (that package is awesome, the drum key owns).

Just went to Dale's Drum Shop in Harrisburg, PA. Have to say, it was INCREDIBLE! They had at least 50+ sets in their shop, with 10+ of them being DWs. And their collection of what seems to be nearly 300 cymbals is KILLER(about to make a road trip again soon)!

But anyways, I got a steal on this new kit I just got and I'm loving it. Specs are:

DW Collectors Series
White Twisted Silk Finish
Chrome Hardware

8x10 Rack Tom VLT
9x12 Rack Tom VLT
14x16 Floor Tom(w/ legs) X-Shell
18x22 Bass Drum VLX
14x5.5 Snare Drum VLT
9500 DW Hi Hat Stand
9300 Series Snare Stand

And also with the mix, I got an awesome Gibraltar Rack System for 50% off.

All in all, the total came out to be $3890 and some change, and I have to say, I feel that it was a steal.

Well here are the pics
(see next post)

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