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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Originally Posted by sufc.loyal View Post
You're right mate, but if we do loose, i will take it on the chin, and wont go of crying like a school girl.. or a Man U surporter.

Come on Saturday, got a full house of football fans, beer, wives, kids, and Pizza.

COME ON ENGLAND. Dont let us down.

Guntersdad, i have friends coming down to Orlando and Tampa on Sunday for Holiday, lucky gits,, that pint could be realistic.

Tell you what Gunters, if England LOOSE to the yanks on Saturday, hand on hart i will put 10 into a charity box for cancer victims.

FRANCE. cheating f@#ks, should not even be in the compution, it was only terrie ondra handballing the ball into the net, which got them into the world cup, and kocking Irland out of the computition.
Henri is looking like a fool. Complaining about a handball after the last cup.
Cheers for the charity offer.
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