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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

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How about we let them play the game before you get too big headed?? And speaking of spanking, where were you in 1776??
Fair point, lets wait and see what Saturday brings, then i will whoop it up on this thread, when the English come stormin through.

As for 1776, not sure where i was,

But, for what you are on about, it was mainly Englishman and people from the Uk fighting their own kind or if not a generation removed, i think you yanks call it i.e. American/Irish or American/Itailen.
and then trying to get soliders across the atlantic in them days was not like climbing aboard your local cruise ship, and putting your feet up, untill you got there, it was a real matter of "thank gord i made it across alive", so sod this, the last thing i want to do now is go and fight, so instead i will go and build a house.

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