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Originally Posted by ElvinBaRkerDennis13
hey steve, im in a drumline as well as being a regular drummer, but i was wondering if tommy ever worked any of the stuff that he learned when he went back and did the stuff for that line, if he ever throws like random triplet accent taps, in when hes doing sound checks or anythying, because i know that travis barker used to march and couldave gone straight to dci, so i didnt know if tommy was into that stuff still or what?? thanks
Tommy does still work on his chops, even after the whole drumline thing for his reality show. As far as throwing in any particular rudiments during soundcheck, it's not something he is doing consicously, but I can pick some stuff out here and there. T did march in high school and he probably could have gone dci as well on multi-tenor, but he was signed and playing with Motley 4 months before he graduated...The rest, they say, is history. Hope that answered your question.

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Is there any particular challenging when mic'ing up that 26 kick? I always see that in his promo stuff and wonder if it is a nightmare to mic for live performances. Any tricks, or does the thing just mic up naturally?
Miking the 26" kick is not as bad as you might expect. The heads I use(powerstoke 3 coated for batter & ebony ambassador resonant), combined with a small pillow that barely touches both heads, focuses the sound considerably well. We're using a common miking technique live: a Beyer-Dynamic MD-88 at the 5" hole in the front head; combined with a Shure SM-91 laying on the pillow inside. Then we combine the acoustic signals with a killer kick drum sample triggered from the ddrum3 module to round out the top end. It sounds pretty huge, in my opinion. :) BTW, I enjoy reading your posts on the site Stu. You know your s***. Thanks for the questions.
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