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Default Re: High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

I haven't yet bought a "professional" hihat stand, I'm still using the Premier one that came with my Cabrias. I've done a bit of research on which model would be best suited to me and, I have to say, I didn't get very far.

Honestly, the feature that I caught myself looking for first was the option of 3 legs, 2 legs, no legs or remote, regardless of whether I actually needed any of these more exotic options. Turns out I don't, a fact which was hammered into me through buyer's remorse after picking up a Pearl remote hihat stand (oh, I guess I do own a professional one; still only use the Premier though).

I'm also amazed at just how much it matters to me that my hihat and kick pedal match. I don't play a double pedal, so It wouldn't make any difference playing wise; but somehow having those two footboards the same when I upgrade is, shamefully, one of my top priorities.

As for all of the adjustments that actually have the potential to make a difference to your playing (cam options, tension, whathaveyou); they've barely been given a second look. My Premier has 0 options for adjustment; and it works just fine for now.
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