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In short, I really go to see what an amazing creative drummer has to do in order to make a great living. I think he makes a great living. lol. I've seen Steve play a few times at the old Zinc, 55 bar and with Scofield at IMAC. I know what he can do, and how he can rip. This was a different Steve Hass.
Steve was a pro. Taking chances when he could, playing perfectly solid and grooving time all night. That gig requires knowledge of quite a few different styles. He was great. The group itself being the four singers are not that great. They struggled. The pianist seemed to be playing to different beat all night. But the bass, gtr and steve were impressive flawless sidemen. I wouldn't go see this again, but it was a lesson in high level professional supportive drumming. Steve also played some tasty double pedal which I haven't seen. Thats about it. I have a few errands before seeing Billy Drummond at the vanguard tonight
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