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I was lucky to see Brian a lot when he played at Smalls on a lot of Wednesdays at Smalls in NYC with Sam Yahel or Larry Goldings..It was10 bucks for the whole night! Ah, the good old days! Someone mentioned Brian doesn't have the chops of some of the other drummers out there these days but I think he has more than a lot of them like say someone like Thomas Lang...Because the incredible dynamics, ears/listening/reacting/ super melodic/ musical playing that Brian does ARE HIS CHOPS! Those are the only chops I care about anymore...

No, disrespect to Lang, but I think it is harder to play the way Brian does than Lang...The creative musical stuff is harder than the athleticism aspect I feel..Not that the types of chops someone like Lang has are easy..Just my opinion based on my own experience in dealing with both "worlds" over the years....
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