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Default Re: High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

Ok all......I'm gonna bump this once, and once only...then I'll let it die a slow and withering death.

I've heard from plenty who don't use these stands and have no need for the many options that they provide. I've also heard from one or two, who perhaps do own....but don't make use of the features.

There HAS to be more of you out there that own them. I've read post after post here where "The Best" HH stand (or pedal or other peice of hardware) has been discussed at length. Many responses about what cats are playing....often highlighting how good these top end peices of kit are. Where are you guys? What are your thoughts? Anyone gonna come to the party and shed any light?

What about the trusted authorities on "all things gear related"....Les? Konaboy? Harry? Anyone? Really keen to hear your thoughts.
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